Mini dresses

    Hello, my name is Raph and I am the owner of VELINZA.

    After working 25 years in the industry, I wanted to change my environment, start my own business and be able to live anywhere. In order to meet this requirement, it was clear to me that e-commerce represented a fantastic opportunity, provided you give it your all and love what you do there, especially the products presented to visitors.

    We are a young company taking advantage of all the current technology developments to scout the right products and enhance your shopping experience.

    Because success starts with the right products, each item on our website has been carefully chosen to meet Velinza's mission statement. Unlike many, we haven't just included products in our shop, we've reviewed them, liked them, and finally selected them for the women we serve. An elegant woman, comfortable in her skin, living according to her desires and proud of herself.

    We rely on a network of manufacturing plants for which quality and deadlines are the most important points. Our store is linked to their warehouse in real time so that we can let you know when a product is no longer available or has been replenished.

    We put ourselves in your shoes to include systems and tools able to reassure you on our website, as an example for order tracking or secured payment. Our website is fully compliant with the last technologies available.

    We are based in the United States but our geographic coverage is global. Looking at our website again today, I am proud of our identity and mission, being different and contribute to your happiness today.

    Sincerely yours,